Coach Richard Flemming

Coach Flemming is a certified USAW Regional Coach, and has level I teaching certification. Coach of the Spoon Barbell Club since 1975, coach Flemming has helped numerous lifters reach national and international levels in weightlifting. Most notable was Chad Vaughn who qualified for both the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games. Coach Flemming has been involved with symposiums which included German head and assistant coaches, and was coach of the men’s U16 team that competed in Peru.

Other lifters coach Flemming has or is currently working with are Spencer Arnold, American Open Weightlifting Champion in 2012, master lifter James Aftosmis (M45, 77k), National Masters Champion in 2013, and Melissa Knourek (W40, 63k), 2013 National Masters Champion, and 2013 Pan Am Masters Champion, as well as Bobby Sirkis who is a lifter and meet promoter extraordinaire.

Coach Flemming was an outstanding lifter in the 1970’s and helped the Spoon Barbell Cub place 2nd at the Senior Nationals in 1977, by placing 6th in a highly contested field of competitors. Spoon came very close to dethroning the then famous York Barbell Club out of the team trophy.

Testimonial from Chad Vaughn:

Richard took me under his wing and kept me going after high school. He told me I was capable of becoming an elite lifter, and believed in me when I did not believe in myself. Even though I thought he was crazy, I followed, and this is where that route lead; WHAT a journey it's been! If you are now one of my students, you can thank this man for most of the torture you get to endure! Thanks again Richard.

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